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Bloomsbury is largely an unexpected unexplored gem in Central London. Most people know the British Museum or Russell Square, but what about the many and varied squares, the lesser known Museums like the Foundling Museum. Bloomsbury London has many London attractions to offer both Tourist and Londoner alike and we hope you'll enjoy exploring to find many diversions and encourage you to come and visit London Bloomsbury with us awhile.


Spend  some of your Holiday in Bloomsbury exploring the district - it won't fail to disappoint and divert you. It has everything to offer in this tranquil cultural haven in central London, or if you live in London come and spend  a day exploring, you'll wonder why it's taken you so long. For all Factoids about the District please consult the General Info section to quickly find the answers to your questions.


 Let's hear some views from the locals:


 Bloomsbury is part of the Borough of Camden in Central London and will explore what's available to see and do from Euston east to Kingscross south to Grays Inns west to Tottenham Court Road and north back to Euston. The Heart of Bloomsbury - a vibrant area with many diverse communities includes local residents, academic centres of excellence, state of the art healthcare, international student body embodying many cultural and historic places of interest.

Of all the many and varied pursuits available to you in Bloomsbury London perhaps the most relaxing and best way to soak up the Bloomsbury Culture is to pick up a book and come sit in one of the squares for a few hours, or a day, or even a few days. We can recommend the limited current great offer Book Bargains 2 for £8.

Bloomsbury offers a lot to visitors and residents alike:


 Some great Shopping streets like Marchmont Street, Lambs Conduit Street, Great Russell Street


 The British Museum, Dickens Museum, Foundling Museum, UCL Petrie Museum, Grant Museum


 Spread throughout the district there's a wealth and diversity of architectural rarely seen in an entire city let alone one small central district

 Restaurants and Bars

 Spread throughout the district many old London pubs and eateries of every cuisine you can imagine

 Open Spaces

 Many public squares to relax and watch the world go by (e.g Gordon Square, Queen Square, St George's Gardens)


 UCL, Birbeck College, Goodenough College, the Mary Ward Centre, The British Library


 Cinemas (Renoir, Odeon), Theatre (Bloomsbury, DrillHall, Cochrane) Bowling lanes

 Book Shops

 You'll find many secondhand bookstores scattered throughout

 Take the Walking Tour of Bloomsbury and easily find all the district has to offer with its many London attractions, easy access to the rest of central London, Bloomsbury London makes a great base for accommodation or an alternative day out in central London with a feeling of a detached cultural haven.

 Explore the website to discover a plethora of hidden gems, an avalanche of reasons to come and discover Bloomsbury, and indeed, including:

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